Few Reasons to Visit Turkey

Turkey, which is often described as the bridge between the Asian and the European continents, is one of the best tourist attractions in Europe and the world. There are so many things to see here, such as awesome mosques and other cultural attractions, shopping bargains and artefacts to be collected, amazing history to savor at the various museums and government installations, as well as beautiful beaches and natural sights. The following are some of the reasons I think would convince anyone to visit Turkey.

Has awesome historical Attractions to Sightsee

• Turkey is one of the most historically rich countries in the world.
• It is home to the highest number of archaeological sites of any country in the world, with the region of Anatolia being the standout place for historical buffs.
• Some of the archaeological sites that you must see while in Turkey include Ephesus, Cappadocia and Konya, which is one of the oldest areas humans are recorded to have inhabited.
• There is also the Taksim Square which was also the site of anti-governmental protests earlier in 2014. This area has a brilliant nightlife, with a wide variety of nightclubs, bars and lounges to be explored.
• One can also spend time at Derinkuyu, which is an underground city where people escaped to from the prosecution of the Roman Empire when they had been under colony.

Beautiful Beaches to Enjoy

• Turkey has incredible beaches one can enjoy while on tour. These include the gorgeous Antalya beach.
• These beaches have incredible sandy coastline, warm weather and an amazing view of the horizon especially in the sunset and sunrise hours of the day.
• Some of the activities that one can enjoy at these beaches include travelling by cruising as well as diving, snorkeling or relaxing by the beach while sunbathing.

Beautiful cultural attractions to visit

• Turkey has amazing cultural attractions that include mosques, beautiful government buildings as well as jaw dropping sports stadia to rest in during one’s holiday.
• This includes the golf courses that are located in Antalya. This region boasts some of the most sought after golf courses in Europe. If you are a golf buff, it is a must visit.
• There are also a multitude of religious locations of importance to visit in Turkey such as the house of Virgin Mary, as well as Ephesus.

Cheap accommodation as well as accessibility

• Turkey is an emerging economy and this means that while there are many five star hotels to enjoy, even for those tourists on a budget, areas around Aegean, Istanbul and Antalya are affordable.
• There are many international airports in Turkey that offer direct flights from USA, Europe and Asia, and this means that accessing the country at any time of the year is a piece of cake.


Turkey is a country has a wide number of attractions for any tourist. These include beautiful cultural attractions, natural landscape and beaches, business opportunities as well as accessibility and affordability of its hotels and flights. In addition, getting a visa for Turkey online is very easy, hassle free by accessing the ministry’s website.


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