The Bar Harbor Zoos And Oceanarium

You'll find Bar Harbor filled with surprises as you never know what you'll find around the next corner. In this article we are mainly going to focus on the famous Bar Harbor zoos as well as oceanarium holding enough entertainment for a lifetime and are an important part of the fun when one visits Bar Harbor.

Famous Bar Harbor zoos

Kisma Preserve
Located in Trenton, Maine, the Kisma Preserve offers an exceptional opportunity to observe animals that have been displaces from their natural habitat by human activity. The main idea behind this Bar Harbor zoo is to raise awareness about the unfortunate use of wild animals. Rescuing and rehabilitating these animals is the main objective. There are release and breeding programs for these animals whenever possible. The animals you will see here are refugees from show business or were exotic pets. Some animals that one will come across here are - White-tailed deer, Fox, Ravens, Owls, Moose, Raccoons or others. There is exotic wildlife too to be enjoyed at this one of the best known Bar Harbor zoos - Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Monkeys, Tropical Fish, Snakes, Birds, Alligators, Tortoises etc;

The Mount Desert Island Oceanarium
The Mount Desert Island Oceanarium is well worth your visit as there is nothing else quite like it and it offers a unique experience. The Oceanarium also partakes in an internship program, educating and teaching students. So expect to be greeted by staff with a fresh view making you ready for the experience. Touch tanks, a museum, and a hatchery may be a part o f your marsh walk, depending on staffing and weather.

Maine State aquarium
The main gallery of Maine State aquarium is similar to s the rocky coast of Maine, where the visitors can take a look at a collection of regional fish as well as invertebrates hidden within the granite-like cliffs. There are two touch tanks with interactive displays, thus encouraging discovery learning. Educator led programs, fisheries Laboratory tours and presentations are also available for the visitors. A scenic waterfront picnic area makes the trip worthwhile for the whole family.

We hope you found this article on the Bar Harbor zoos, Oceanarium and aquarium informative.


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