The Beautiful Bar Harbor Shore Path

Don’t forget to bring your camera when you visit Bar Harbor Shore Path. Get ready for a lovely scenic walk, which is nice to take both early and late in the day. With million dollar views dotting your way the Bar Harbor Shore Path starts near the city pier, in front of the Bar Harbor hotel, ending at Wyman Lane.

The great Bar Harbor Shore Path is around half mile path, which is well maintained, with Park benches along its route. This shore path is made of loose gravel restricted by a wall that separates the trail from the rocky coastline. Adventurous tourists often leave the path to explore tidal pools on the rocky shoreline. The path remains open from dawn till dusk. As it is a public path right next to the private residences, one should be careful as to not to trespass. If bringing pets, they must be leashed and cleaned up after.

The beautiful Bar Harbor Shore Path offers the spectacular views of Frenchman’s Bay, sea life, and the Porcupine Islands. You'll get an upright look at some of the splendid houses on the shorefront. The Egg Island Light is visible at night as well as the warning light on the breaker. Depending on the season, you may also find some lovely flowers blooming along the Bar Harbor Shore Path. You can enjoy gazing at some well landscaped gardens or some exquisite wild flowers.

However, there are some points to remember when you walk the great Bar Harbor Shore Path. There are quite a few areas on the rocky beach where the low tide can get admittance. At some other points, the wall is nearly on the same level with the trail, and at times, it may be high above the rocky ledges. The trail often gets quite narrow and thus may have limited accessibility. But the Bar Harbor Shore Path is just perfect for two to walk hand in hand!


Read about the great Bar Harbor Shore Path well known for its lovely scenic walk. Enjoy the Bar Harbor Shore Path with beautiful views of the shore & water. Read On

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