The Best Bar Harbor Meat Restaurants

Bar Harbor meat restaurants have a lot to offer their guests. Besides a superb experience, you will never forget the endless variety in non veg these restaurants present. The Bar Harbor dining experience is sure unique and is one of the main reasons people go back there on another holiday.

Some of the best Bar Harbor meat restaurants:

Havana Restaurant
One of the most popular restaurants in Bar harbor, the magnificent mosaic of flavors and textures, with menus changing often, make eating here much more exciting. Havana's is all about the best meat food, which tingles your taste buds with delight. Well known for its Barbecue, it believes in offering only fresh meat from local farmers to its guests.

Mainely Meat Barbeque
Another of the famous Bar Harbor meat restaurants, smoked dry ribs, pork, chicken and other non veg delights served here are excellent and the barbecue is great. Great value for money here!

Town Hill Bistro
Everything is tasty and timely in Town Hill Bistro. A small dining room with a just the right atmosphere, the food is always excellent. The crew is kind and gracious hosts offering superb service. Some of the best offers here in non veg are beer Soaked Burgers as well as bread pudding starter. One will also find unlimited choice in desserts.

Michelle’s Fine Dining Bistro
Elegance, superb and romantic, this is what defines Michelle’s Fine Dining Bistro, another of the best Bar Harbor meat restaurants. Get set to enjoy the finest service and French American cuisine - roasted whole lobster with Chateaubriand for two! Browse among the antiques and enjoy the entire charm of the place.

Parkside Restaurant
There are some good restaurants in Bar Harbor but then there are some great restaurants. Parkside is one of the famous Bar Harbor meat restaurants, where you can go every week. With an amazing deck overlooking the quaint village Green in Bar Harbor, a menu on meat dishes simply delivers knock-out meals.


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