Looking At The Rich Bar Harbor History

Bar Harbor history takes us back to the mid-1800, when artists of the Hudson Valley School often traveled to Bar Harbor in particular to capture its natural beauty on seascapes and landscapes. These paintings were well received when taken back to the cities of America. They created an interest among the art patrons who wanted to see those beautiful places in the paintings themselves. Read on to dig into the interesting Bar Harbor history.

The first visitors, according to the Bar Harbor history merged well with the locals, but soon they wanted more out of the place. It was soon clear that they wanted more and more amenities plus had different choices for lodging. By 1880, there were plenty of hotels, as there was a steady rise in the number of tourists arriving in Bar Harbor. The rich and famous tried to surpass each other with entertainment and estates.

Landscape gardeners were hired. Beatrix Farrand, a landscape architect, is particularly mentioned in the Bar Harbor history, who was mainly behind the design of their gardens. One can take a peek of their lifestyles from the Shore Path, which is a walkway around the waterfront lawn. Some popular pastimes were yachting, garden parties and carriage rides.

As Bar Harbor history reflects, in 1918, Eden, the sand and gravel bar, visible at low tide was changed to Bar Harbor. Forming the rear of the harbor it leads across to Bar Island. The name was soon to become synonymous with choice wealth. It was also the birthplace of Vice-president Nelson Rockefeller.

With time, more and more local citizens undertook into the tourism business and more hotels surfaced around the place. David Rodick, in 1875 built the enormous Rodick House although amidst some mockery. It was the largest hotel at that time in Bar Harbor and could lodge in 275 guests. The hotel era was to dominate the resort for about two decades in Bar Harbor history. Eventually, it were the cottages built by America's rich and famous that took over the landscape.

Today, most of the old hotels have either been brought down or got burnt in the great fire of 1947. However some of the cottages do remain and are still private homes with many. They have been converted to welcoming inns, guest homes, and bed & breakfasts. We hope you found the above article on Bar Harbor history informative.


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